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When do I need an Interior Designer?


• Your home should reflect your personal style, lifestyle, and attitude towards life.
• If you look around your home and it is lacking life and personality you may need to hire an interior designer
• If you don’t have time to change the interior style of your home
• If you don’t have any idea how to make changes
• If you know the idea of how to change but don’t have the manpower to do it
• If you feel that is not reflecting your lifestyle and not suitable to work or live
• If you feel that your place is so congested to do works
• An interior designer can help you plan space to fit your life and layout the necessary components to bring it to fruition. If you cannot say your space reflects you, you should consider hiring a designer to take away the stress.

Why do I need an Interior Designer?

Why do you have a design fee and purchasing fee on the product?

• For consulting, we are not providing any charges.
• After that, we will discuss your ideas and provide a suitable 3-d design for your space.
• For designing your lifestyle interior model there are no charges.

What should I have at our first meeting for my project?

• You must be ready with your Site floor plan.
• You should be fully completed the construction it should be ready to work for our designers.
• If you have any ideas, you must be clear with that.

How much will my interior design project cost?

• Your interior design project cost is depending upon your area and the grade of material you choose.
• Each project is different from others so we can’t predict the exact cost before itself.
• After consulting we will provide whatever changes need to make and the cost of the material.

How long will it take to to design and build my project?

• When you finalize your 3d design and approval is given.
• We will complete our work within 20 -25 days perhaps if it is 2 -3 bedrooms.
• The completion of project days may differ if the site is in larger area.